Workshops are usually held in larger spaces and can range in size. All participants will be seen and looked after, the beauty of Breathwork is that it is gentle yet powerful with no known contraindications. All you need is to be comfortable, wear loose fitting clothing. That's it.


Some Insight

At the start of the workshop Michael will introduce you to Transformational Breath® and display a demonstration of the technique with a volunteer from the group. There's plenty of time for questions and this will give you enough understanding, even if your'e new to the technique, to feel comfortable. Then the group Breathe session will begin.

You'll lie on your back to begin and the group will all breathe together. Throughout the session you'll be coached by Michael which will support you in and deepen the experience. A team of Facilitators will also be there to coach and support you through your experiences what ever they might be. After people tend to report feeling at ease and a lot more lighter, a sense of Joy.

You may experience various sensations, physical tension and/or emotional tension can be released which is very normal and not uncommon.

Group breath sessions can be a wonderful experience of feeling connected, whatever the experience might be, it's welcomed.

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