Private sessions


Private sessions

The difference between a workshop and a private session is you'll get 100% of Michael's attention. Both are profound in their own right allowing you to experience things the other can not.

Transformational Breath® is a self healing technique but the technique needs to be understood before self practice can truly be beneficial. To own this skill is very empowering but to trust another to hold and guide you through your process is where huge shifts occur.

Michael's compassion and understanding allows for people to feel comfortable transitioning into a deep practice.


Private sessions can also be arranged for small or large groups.


"One to ones with Michael have really allowed me to open up and see life and myself in a completely different way"  Sandra, Reading



"I experienced a life shifting experience in the workshop, which gave me the motivation to go deeper and have private sessions"

Anthony, Worthing


For more information please call Michael on

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