About Michael


About Michael

Michael's first passion was in the arts, he underwent professional training at Laban conservatoire, this is where I feel his intuition for understanding the body developed deeply. Michael stumbled across Breathwork due to an invitation from a close friend to participate in a workshop. Michael said "after that was when i knew there was more of me to discover and more to the human experience to explore."

Michael did exactly that and travelled the world learning and exploring the technique Transformational Breath® under the founder, Dr Judith Kravitz and worked with influential teachers across Europe.

Michael studied humanistic counselling at the Gestalt Centre London and now has gone on to the Institute of Group Analysis, where he continues his study of self and relationship.

Michael says

"Through our lives we are forever changing, and in today's fast paced society we can feel so distant from ourselves. The breath, as strange as it may seem, when utilised is an effective way to centre ourselves. It's a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious and is entwined with the entirety of the human experience, making it a great compass and a priceless tool.

The way that we think and feel is often reflected in our breath and such breath patterns influence  the human experience significantly, therefore if we can change the way we breathe we can change the way we experience our environment.

It's an honour to be allowed to facilitate, sit with and aid people in their growth. It has been phenomenal to witness the depth of change that I have observed in people in a short space of time with this approach, and I feel very enthusiastic about using this method to support people to live fuller, more enriched and meaningful lives."


For more information please call Michael on

07868039947 or email him at contact@michaellowman.co.uk