What is Transformational Breath ® ?

Transformational Breath is a self healing practice. For millennia various cultures have used the power of conscious breathing to alter there experiences in life. Transformational breath® is a specific breathing pattern, combined with various techniques that allows for optimum health, mental and emotional clarity and a deepening relationship with oneself.

Benefits of Transformational Breath ®

Relieves stress and anxiety

Increases energy

Boosts the immune system

Detoxification for the body

Lessens depression

Improves mood

Reduces joint and back pain

Increases self awareness

Improves well being for many conditions and ailments such as:


Respiratory issues



Digestion and constipation

Chronic pain



How does it work?

The technique utilises a deep full diaphragmatic breath, enabling one to highly oxygenate their cells whilst activating the body’s lymphatic system thus facilitating a natural detoxification. It's common in this day and age that the diaphragm isn't engaged in people’s day to day breathing. This can lead to illness as oxygen is critical for our body's ability to function. Moreover, breathing in this pattern maintains the activation of the amygdala which is the part of the brain which functions to support the 'fight, flight, freeze' response associated with high anxiety states.

Using a conscious, purposeful inhalation and a relaxed exhale, combined with techniques such as: acupressure, use of sound, somatic principals and altering the body position, participants infuse their body with more oxygen which boosts its capacity for self healing. The technique softens muscular tension, facilitates us to bring down our mental and emotional barriers and enables one to access higher states of awareness.

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